• Catherine the Great: The Empress's Signature Coin

    Pen-pal to philosophes, patron of the arts, champion of women, genius of foreign policy, taker of rich and powerful lovers: Catherine II of Russia was a formidable presence, decades if not centuries ahead of her time, and worthy of her superlative sobriquet ”the Great.“

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  • Armistice Day: The Centennial Collection: 12 Silver Coins from the Great War

    Twenty-eighteen marks the centennial of Armistice Day. Here is a collection of silver coins to mark the occasion. For wholesale information, click here.


    On 11 November, 1918...

  • NEW: Slabbed Romans

    ECC is proud to offer Roman bronze and silver coins in "slabs," certified genuine and graded by Numismatic ...

  • The Black Hand: The Assassination of the Archduke & The Start of the Great War

    On June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, paid a state visit to the Bosnian city of Sarajevo. Although the Balkans were nominally under imperial control, the trip was fraught with peril. The city was honeycombed with operatives of the Serbian secret society called Unification or Death, commonl...

  • Religious-Themed Products: Judaean, Christian, Islamic & More

    This is a list of popular religious-themed packaged items offered by ECC.


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  • 100 Years Ago Today, the United States Declared War on Germany

    On April 6, 1917, 100 years ago today, the United States declared war on Germany, entering the Great War and ultimately tipping the scales in favor of the Allied powers.

    In the spring of 1917, the US armed forces were little more than a regional power. "In military terms, the U.S. Army was small and out-of-date, hardly more than a consta...

  • Lenin & Stalin: Fathers of the Russian Revolution

    On the eve of the First World War, Russia was ripe for revolution. For centuries, the country had been the most autocratic of European empires, the disparity between its rich and poor the widest, the rights of its people the most limited. Making matters worse, the Russian military suffered a string of humiliating losses in the 19th ce...

  • Collecting Roman Coins

  • New Video: Coins & Currency of the Second World War



  • New Item: Venezuela 2 and 5 Bolivares, P-88 and P-89

    We are pleased to offer bulk quantities of the Venezuela 2 and 5 bolivares banknotes, P-88 and P-89. The 2 bolivares features a river dolphin; on the 5 bolivares, an armadillo.

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