Increase Your Sales! Expand Your Range Of Offerings With No Inventory Cost! Avoid The Expense, Time, And Hassle Of Warehousing And Shipping Products Yourself.

  • Drop shipping can reduce your upfront costs and commitments.
    Let us be your warehouse. Eliminate inbound shipping costs and packaging costs.
    We have over 300 million coins and banknotes on site.
    With our Drop Ship program, our stock is your stock.
  • You have no inventory-carrying costs.
    Expand your offerings. Use our website to choose new offers for your customers.
    By using our Drop Ship program, what we have, you have.
  • Increase sales.
    More products to offer = more opportunities to sell.
  • NEW: Streamlined checkout for drop-ship customers
    Our new features have made it easier than ever to place a drop-ship order on our website:

1. login to your wholesale account. Don’t have a wholesale account? Contact [email protected] to set one up.
2. Add item/s to your order then select proceed to checkout.
3. Select your billing address.
4. Select ship to a different address. Input the ship to address.
5. On the next step you have two blind ship options:
A. Blind/Drop ship: Provide your own shipping label. Once selected a section will open up where you can attach your shipping label and a packing list, if you choose to include one.
B. Blind/Drop ship: No label – Once selected you will see below the shipping options and charges. You then just select the one you would like to use. We will use our accounts with your name and your return address on the label. You still have the option to include a packing list.
6. Select payment options
7. Review and place order

Of course if you need personal attention we are still here for you to place a drop-ship order by email:

Step One:

    1. Send us an email with a purchase order, the recipient’s shipping address, and the preferred shipping method. Or send us a label—USPS, UPS, or FEDEX. We stick it on your shipment, with your return address, and away it goes. Your customer will never know.
    2. We will acknowledge your email and process your order. Most orders are shipped by the following business day. We will contact you promptly if we have any questions about an order.
    3. If you would like a packing slip or other correspondence put inside the package, just attach the file to your email.

The Next Step:

  1. We will bill via your pre-arranged payment method, if we are paying for shipping, you will be billed exactly what we pay.
  2. The same day of shipping you will receive an email with your invoice attached showing the order and the shipping address along with payment and tracking info.

Now you are ready to start selling the thousands of different items we offer.

We strongly suggest you include a disclaimer in your listings that mentions multiple-piece orders may be subject to additional shipping charges. It is up to you if you want to absorb some of the shipping in the price of the goods or charge the exact shipping charges.

If in doubt please contact us prior to setting the shipping price and we will be happy to investigate for you.

What charges apply?

$90 and up: no charge. Under $90: adds a $5.00 service charge

Here is a heads up about out-of-stock-items and price changes. We have a large inventory and our pricing tends to be fairly stable as a whole, but periodically we run out of some things, and prices do change, so it is a good idea to contact us when you are choosing items to make sure our inventory is adequate and pricing is confirmed. We will eventually get to know what you are offering and in most cases we’ll contact you in advance if we see some change coming up. We are glad to discuss your plans and answer any questions you might have.

Want to offer all of our unique products? Please email [email protected] for CSV files to import into your platform easily.


“When I can’t sell anything else, it’s always the coins and banknotes… I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to dropship with you all.” – Eva (ECC Dropshipper)

“I greatly appreciate everyone I have come into contact with at ECC.  A couple of days ago, I told my wife how much I valued ECC and having you as a business partner. It has opened up some genuine new avenues as I grow my business.” -Alan (ECC Dropshipper)

Ways to contact us:

Diana Miller: [email protected]
Cathy Garone: [email protected]
Robin Danziger: [email protected]
Michael Tonkin [email protected]

P: 845.691.6100
F: 845.691.4974
Best time we can be reached by phone is Monday-Friday, between 9 a.m and 3 p.m. EST.

We at ECC pride ourselves in providing a high level of customer service. As a wholesale company, serving the needs of our resellers is our top priority.