Russia 15 Kopek stamp money

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  • Russia 15 Kopek stamp money
  • Russia 15 Kopek stamp money
Russia 15 Kopek stamp money

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In 1915 a type of stamp-note was ushered in by the Imperialist Russia. These notes were printed to resemble the stamps of the same value then in circulation. The notes were not to be used as stamps, but were designed to take advantage of the well known postage stamps that were then in circulation. This enabled the stamp money to gain acceptance among the general public, and avoid the illegal issuance of local money. Stamp-notes in denominations of 1, 2, 3, 10, 15 and 20 kopeks were issued resembling the Romanov jubilee issue of stamps. The obverses were printed in the same colors as the existing stamps. The reverse contained the Russian eagle and five lines of text in black. The text pointed out that the piece should be accepted in the same manner as silver or copper coins. Although it was forbidden to use these stamp-notes on letters, this was actually done in some instances. These money stamps spread out over the whole of Russia causing some local offices to issue stamps in a similar manner.