Roman World, Severus Alexander (222-235 CE), Denarius(C)

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Roman World, Severus Alexander (222-235 CE), Denarius(C)

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  • Size: 19
  • Metal: Silver
  • Obverse: Portrait of emperor
  • Reverse: Various pagan deities reflecting contemporary political, military, and religious themes


Alexander was heir to his cousin, Elagabalus, who had been murdered along with his mother Julia Soaemias, by his own guards. He and his cousin were both grandsons of the influential and powerful Julia Maesa, who had arranged for Elagabalus' acclamation as emperor and who also conspired in his murder. He lost the support of the army and whilst on campaign against the Germans, alienated the Rhine legions, who proclaimed Maximinus Thrax, as emperor. Troops sent to kill Alexander, found him clinging to his mother in a tent, mother and son were butchered together, ending the Severan dynasty.