Roman Empire, Valentinian I (364-375 CE), Nummus(NAT)

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Roman Empire, Valentinian I (364-375 CE), Nummus(NAT)

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  • Order Code: ROM-BR-VALENTIN-1ST-Natural
  • Size: 19
  • Weight/Dimensions: 1.5-2.5g
  • Metal: Bronze
  • Obverse: Portrait of emperor
  • Reverse: Various contemporary political, military, and religious themes


Valentinian I, also known as Valentinian the Great, made his brother Valens his co-emperor, giving him rule of the eastern provinces while Valentinian retained the west. He fought successfully against the Alamanni, Quadi, and Sarmatians. Most notable was his victory over the Alamanni in 367 CE at the Battle of Solicinium. His brilliant general Count Theodosius defeated a revolt in Africa and the Great Conspiracy, a coordinated assault on Roman Britain by Picts, Scots, and Saxons. He founded the Valentinian Dynasty, with his sons Gratian and Valentinian II succeeding him in the western half of the empire.