Roman Empire, Otacilia Severa (244-249 CE), Antoninianus(C)

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Roman Empire, Otacilia Severa (244-249 CE), Antoninianus(C)

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  • Size: 24
  • Metal: Silver
  • Obverse: Portrait of empress
  • Reverse: Various pagan deities reflecting contemporary political, military, and religious themes


Otacilia Severa was the empress of Rome and wife of the emperor Philip the Arab, who reigned over the Roman Empire from 244 to 249 CE. She was a member of the ancient noble Otacilia family, of consular and senatorial rank. Her father was Otacilius Severus or Severianus, who served as Roman governor of Macedonia and Moesia. Her mother was from the noble Marcia family. On the death of her husband, in battle against his rival Trajan Decius, she was allowed to live out the rest of her life in obscurity.