Roman Egypt, Emperor Nero (54-68 CE), Tetradrachms (C)

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Roman Egypt, Emperor Nero (54-68 CE), Tetradrachms (C)

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  • Size: 22.2-26 mm
  • Metal: Billon
  • Obverse: Head Of Alexandria
  • Reverse: Depictions of various local deities, often from ancient Egyptian culture


The infamous emperor Nero, ruled the ancient Kingdom of Egypt in the manner of a Pharaoh. Egypt was the empires second richest province but it was also the personal domain of the emperor, within which he ruled as a direct successor of Cleopatra and all the Pharaohs before her. These coins were struck at Alexandria in the Nile delta. A city founded by Alexander the Great, where Greek, native Egyptian and Roman culture blended. The Pharos or Lighthouse of Alexandria was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.