Roman AE Tetricus I (AD 271-274) NGC Wood Box(LG)

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Roman AE Tetricus I (AD 271-274) NGC Wood Box(LG)

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  • Grade/Condition: (LG) Low grade
  • Weight/Dimensions: 314.14 g
  • Metal: Bronze
  • Obverse: Portrait of the Emperor
  • Reverse: Various reverses feature mythological and military themes


In 269, Postumus was murdered by his own troops, and the Gallic Empire, which depended on the force of his personality, began to crumble. Victorinus, who assumed control of the breakaway empire late in 269, was killed by one of his officers, whose wife he’d seduced. The slain emperor’s mother, Victoria, served as de facto empress after her son was killed, paying vast sums of money to install a well-bred general, Tetricus I, as Augustus. But fickle generals abandoned Tetricus, and he surrendered in 274.