Roman AE of Licinius II (AD 317-324) NGC(LG)

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Roman AE of Licinius II (AD 317-324) NGC(LG)

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  • Order Code: LICINIUS2ND-NGC
  • Grade/Condition: (LG) Low grade
  • Weight/Dimensions: 44.2 g
  • Metal: Bronze
  • Obverse: Portrait of the Emperor
  • Reverse: Various reverses feature mythological and military themes


The son of the Eastern Roman Emperor Licinius I and Constantia, the half-sister of Western Emperor Constantine the Great, Licinius the Younger served as Caesar to his father’s Augustus. As the nephew of Constantine, he was initially spared when his father was executed after the Battle of Chrysopolis. But Licinius the Younger seems to have been involved in the conspiracy against his first cousin Crispus, and was also executed in 326.