Medieval Hungary, Mary (1382-1385 / 1386-1395 CE), Denar(C)

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Medieval Hungary, Mary (1382-1385 / 1386-1395 CE), Denar(C)

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  • Size: 15-16mm
  • Metal: Silver
  • Obverse: Crowned M "Regina Ungari"
  • Reverse: Reverse: double cross,"Moneta Marie"


Mary, was the daughter of Louis the Great, the nobility were uneasy at the prospect of a Queen and insisted she marry a foreign king. Engaged to Sigismund of Luxembourg since infancy, this match was rejected and she was betrothed to marry Louis, the brother of the French king. Factions in favor of her distant cousin, Charles III of Naples, encouraged him to invade and he was crowned king in 1385, only to be assassinated soon after. Eventually, Mary was restored and married Sigismund. She remained co-ruler until she and her premature son died after falling from a horse.