Medieval Hungary, Bela III (1172-1196 CE), Scyphate Follis(C)

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Medieval Hungary, Bela III (1172-1196 CE), Scyphate Follis(C)

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  • Size: 26-27mm
  • Metal: Copper
  • Obverse: Virgin Mary seated, facing, holding scepter Sancta Maria.
  • Reverse: Bela 3rd and Stephan IV seated facing, holding orb and scepter - REX BELA REX STS


Bela III was one of the most eminent medieval monarchs of Hungary. He managed to retain the territorial integrity of Hungary and its satellite kingdom against formidable Byzantine aggression. Ironically, this coin is very Byzantine in style, illustrating the economic importance of the medieval superpower on Hungary’s doorstep. We know from contemporary sources that Bela was very tall, at least for the time he lived, a fact that helped archaeologists working at his burial site, identify his remains with certainty. The skeleton they unearthed was 6 feet 3 inches tall!