Religious-Themed Products: Judaean, Christian, Islamic & More

This is a list of popular religious-themed packaged items offered by ECC.


Book of Genesis Coin: Nation of Elam, Son of Shem Clear Box
The Elymais, a Semitic people of classical antiquity who lived at the head of the Persian Gulf, are thought to be descendents of the seminal Elam nation mentioned in the Book of Genesis. This is a bronze drachm struck by the Elymais.

The Jewish Wars with Rome: A Box of 6 Ancient Bronze Roman and Judaean Coins
The Maccabees threw off the yoke of the Seleucids, establishing a new Jewish kingdom, only for Rome to conquer Judea a century later. This collection is a numismatic history of the Holy Land.

First Jewish Coin: Prutah of Hyrcanus I Clear Box
This coin, a genuine Biblical antiquity, is the first money issued by the Jewish people.

Judaea AE Maccabean (Hasmonean Dynasty) 135-37 BCE Prutah NGC Wood Box
Judah and his brave warriors liberated the Temple from the profane Seleucids, removing the idols placed there, and dedicating a new altar on the twenty-fifth of the month of Kislev, in the year 3622.



Pontius Pilate
Pontius Pilate, a middling bureaucrat posted to a remote corner of the Roman Empire became one of the most renowned historical figures of the last two millennia by virtue of his presiding over the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Biblical Widow's Mite
The Parable of the Widow’s Mite, in the palm of your hand.

Biblical Holy Land: 12 Coins from the Time of Jesus
For centuries, Jewish prophets spoke of a Messiah—a Savior who would unite the Jews and lead them to triumph. Isaiah, Hosea, Hagai, Ezekiel, Daniel: all spoke of the coming King of the Jews, Whose title, in Greek, was Christ.

The First Days of Christmas: Six Ancient Coins That Celebrate the Birth of Jesus and the Observation of His Birthday
This remarkable collection features three coins issued by rulers associated with the Nativity—Caesar Augustus, Herod the Great, and Azes II, believed to be the Eastern king who sent the Magi to Bethlehem—as well as Aurelian and Constantine the Great. Rounding out the set is a small bronze coin struck during the reign of Alexander Jannaeus, one of the last Jewish kings before the Roman annexation of Palestine, known as “mites.”

Biblical Magi
Variety of packages of coins of Azes II that would have been used to finance the journey of the Magi.

Christianity Through the Ages
This outstanding collection features 14 authentic silver and bronze coins with iconography that recalls the important milestones, images, and turning points of the rise of Christianity through two millennia of history.

Monumental Figures in Christianity
With well over two billion adherents, Christianity is the world’s most popular religion. This collection celebrates six of the most influential Christian figures and features six genuine coins struck by or relating to the notables.

Holy Mary: Cult of the Madonna
This is a genuine ancient bronze coin from the reign of the Eastern Roman Emperor Arcadius (A.D. 395-408). Arcadius,was the earliest and most influential Marian benefactor. Without Arcadius, Mary may never have become the Madonna, and would not have the prominence she now enjoys.

Madonna & Child Silver Medieval Silver Coin
Late Medieval Hungarian silver denar showing Mary, the patron saint of Hungary, with baby Jesus.



Crusader Box
The silver coins in this collection represent some of the disparate peoples who joined the fray during the 200 years of warfare we know as the Crusades.